Why is the temperature in the dryer too high?

The evaporation temperature of the refrigeration dryer for compressed air  increases with the increase of the evaporation pressure. The reasons for the increase of evaporation pressure are as follows:


1. The load of the cold dryer exceeds the rated value;

2. The working pressure of compressed air is too low;

3. The compression temperature entering the cold dryer is too high;

4. There are problems in the refrigerant system, such as: the expansion valve is opened too large, the refrigerant liquid is charged too much, and the condensing pressure is too high due to the poor heat dissipation of the condenser;

5. The compressor is faulty. For example, if the evaporation temperature is too high, the dew point of the compressed air will increase, and the water removal will be insufficient, and there will be water in the exhaust.


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